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Shlomo Lazarus

shlomo lazarus

I'm currently gearing up to tackle the Jerusalem Marathon 2024 this March as a personal challenge and to support a cause close to my heart – Chaiyanu/Chai Lifeline Israel. This incredible organisation provides year-round emotional, social, and financial support to over 400 children and their families facing serious illnesses. By running for them, I aim to contribute to the impactful programs and activities they offer, such as Camp Simcha and the Hope Tour, which bring joy and hope to the lives of these brave children. To fully understand the profound impact of Chaiyanu's work, check out the videos below.
Moreover, amidst the recent challenges in Israel, Chaiyanu has stepped up to support families and soldiers during the ongoing conflict. They've actively organised BBQs for soldiers and distributed gifts to affected families. Training for the marathon is tough, but these children's daily struggles inspire me to push forward. However, I can't do it alone – I need your support. Click the DONATE button to join me in making a difference in these kids' lives. TOGETHER, LET'S TURN DREAMS INTO REALITY. Best, Shlomo.


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1. Simon Abraham
Such an amazing charity
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3. Gil Goldschein
4. Leo Pearlman
What a fantastic charity, best of luck and much love
5. Anonymous
Thanks Shlomo for running for the good of others
6. Freddy Kelaty

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