Men's race 2023

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Men's RACe & weekend

Total Funds raised: $227,616.21

Top Men's Run fundraiser

Avi Korneyev $8,805.00


        As a former captain of Team Lifeline Israel,
I can attest to the incredible experience of participating in this race.
Signing up for Team Lifeline Israel means becoming part of the Chai Lifeline Israel,
Chayeinu family - it's more than just parties, swag, and fun.
The men's race offers a fantastic opportunity for boys and men of all ages to come together for a challenging, exciting, and inspiring event.
Organized in accordance with Torah values, the race ensures a separate and kosher environment for all runners.
One runner from the 2023 race shared that the Shabbaton and race were among his favorite memories in Israel, and he experienced lasting fulfillment, inspiration, and friendship.

By joining the Team Lifeline Israel family, you'll have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the lives of others."