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Yedida Teitelman
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Yedida Teitelman

This March I will be participating in the Jerusalem Marathon to raise money for the organization Chai Lifeline.

At age 17, I was diagnosed with cancer. Through treatment, Chai Lifeline was there every step of the way. Whether it was organizing meals, expediting medical care, or just accompanying family members in the hospital, Chai Lifeline took care of it. Chai Lifeline ensured that we were never alone during this difficult journey. This past summer, I had the opportunity to experience the magic of Camp Simcha. I witnessed first hand the impact Camp Simcha has on each child and the importance of allowing children to be children again outside the hospital.

I am immensely grateful to Chai Lifeline for their immeasurable support and unwavering presence during this time. I would love to give back to ensure that Chai Lifeline's invaluable work continues to embrace and uplift families navigating the challenges of pediatric illness.

- Yedida


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1. Nehama And Lawrence Teitelman
In honor of our Yedida who can always see the finish-line even when it seems far away, and in appreciation of all the amazing people at Chai Lifeline for all their help along the way
2. Susan Kutliroff
With love, Susan and Barbara
3. Howard And Meital Teitelman
4. Anonymous
5. Beth & Mark Krieger
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6. Jerome Kutliroff
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