Women's Race 2024

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Women'S RACe & weekend 

Total Funds raised: $447,235.77

Top Women's Run fundraiser

Chana Hekmati $17,012.00

 By participating in the race, you're partaking in something bigger than yourself, bringing smiles, laughter, and happiness to the children of Chayeinu who fight every day to stay strong. The money you raise enables us to bring light and hope into these children's and their families' lives, offering financial, mental, and emotional support throughout the year.

The Team Lifeline Israel women's race is a perfect way for women and girls of all ages to come together for an action-packed, super fun, and incredibly inspiring experience. What's special about this race is that it's organized in a way that respects Torah values, creating a kosher environment for all runners. It's also a great opportunity to push yourself and prove that you're capable of setting a goal and reaching it!

As one runner from the 2023 race shared, "The reward, inspiration, friendship, and fulfillment I received from the past few days will stay with me forever. Definitely one of my favorite memories from my two years in Israel, and I'm ready to do it all again!"

By joining the Team Lifeline Israel family, you'll see firsthand the positive impact you can make on someone else's life.