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Yitzchak Nadoff

yitzchak nadoff

Chai Lifeline has helped me and my family personally when my sister, Chaya, was battling a brain tumor.

Chai Lifeline/Chaiyainu's claim that they provide year–round emotional, social, and financial support to more than 400 children and their families every year (in Israel alone!), is more than a statistic for me.

Chayainu helped fly Chaya back to America for treatment while Chai Lifeline in Chicago provided activities like the SuperSib Program, trips to Six Flags, and a big brother program when my parents and family were busy.

Running a marathon is a personal challenge, but I’m running for something important. I need your help. If you've ever thought about running for a cause or if you're already running for a different organization, but want to support Chai Lifeline then donate just a few dollars.

Chaiyanu is a wonderful organization, let's help them continue to help families in need together. If you want to learn more about Chaiyainu you can look them up online. Let's all play our part!

Thank you!
Yitzchak Nadoff



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1. Jenny Nadoff
So proud of you Yitzchak! Way to go! Thank you Chaiyanu and Chai Lifeline!
2. Bubs.
Run like a champ. Make sure your keep hydrated and your shoes tied!
3. Elana Moalem
Good luck Yitzchak!
4. Jordan Benditzson
5. Batsheva Gubin
I’m so proud of you and all of your success. You can do this, I believe in you!! ❤️
6. Anonymous
Love you boi. Keep on running for chesed stuff ❤️🙏
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