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Yehudah Weitz

Yehudah Weitz

Welcome To My Page,

Let me start off by telling you a little bit about myself. My name is Yehudah Weitz from New Jersey, I am 20 years old and due to a past event I experienced two years ago on Birthright, I decided to volunteer in the Israel Defense Force about a year ago, as a Chayal Boded (Lone Soldier)! With that being said, I am proud to announce, IY”H I will be running the Jerusalem FULL Marathon this March with Team LifeLine Israel in honor of my best friend Shua, who recently finished being in remission after battling cancer twice.

About three years ago I ran the 2015 Miami Half Marathon in honor of my cousin Aliza. It was a huge accomplishment for me! I told myself I would love to do marathons again in the future.

The headline for my page is "Run for the MVP #TeamShua"! Who is Shua? Shua and I went to school together when we 2 years old. Fast forward many years, we reconnected again in high school. Just like that, we instantly became best friends!

About four years ago, I heard devastating news that hit me extremely hard. My best friend, the sweetest/nicest/ most amazing kid you"ll ever meet was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma Cancer. All I could do was pray for him and comfort him. I wasn't gonna let anything ruin this friendship. For almost 2 months in a row, I would stay by a friend for Shabbat and surprise him each week. We are both Brooklyn Nets fans, one week I surprised him with a Nets shirt from a game I went too. Seeing him happy made my day so much better!

Shua loves basketball, especially playing basketball. He's literally an MVP on and off the court and he will fight his way through any battle! Thank G-D, a few months later Shua was in remission! I promised Shua, that in the future, I wanted to run the Miami Half Marathon in honor of him. He loved that idea!

August of 2016, I get a text from one of my friends that Shua has a relapse of Lymphoma. That news hit me as hard as last time. However, I believe Shua is the real MVP and the real Fighter! Shua is my best friend no matter what! I made a promise to him and I'm gonna keep my promise and succeed!

Shua is the MVP of Basketball and is going to be MVP at Kicking Cancers Butt Again!!! So I thought of a way to show Shua's passion is by customizing limited edition "Run For The MVP #teamshua" little stress basketballs to help me raise money!

It has been almost two years since I ran the Miami Half Marathon in honor of Shua. I am happily able to announce that Shua is currently in Israel using his gap year to study in Lev HaTorah. However, in order for him to go to Israel, he still had to go to doctor appointments/check ups. About a month ago, on a Friday, after Shua and I ran the Tel Aviv 5k Color Run with YACHAD, I got the most incredible news! Shua told me, at his last cat scan the doctors told him...he is now CANCER FREE!

You may already know that I’m training to run the Jerusalem Marathon this March. Running a marathon is a personal challenge, but I’m not in this just for the glory. I’m running for something important. I am running to raise money for Chaiyanu/Chai Lifeline Israel, a wonderful organization dedicated to helping very sick children and their families. I heard about this and I had to do something. However, I know I can’t do it alone. I need your help.

Chaiyanu is a wonderful organization that provides year–round emotional, social, and financial support to more than 400 children and their families every year. Chaiyanu´s programs and activities change their lives forever, returning joy and hope and enabling them to live full and happy lives despite the presence of illness. Its most famous program is Camp Simcha and its sister, the Hope Tour. Every year these two programs offer 100 kids a chance to forget about illness and just be kids again. To get a better idea of what Chaiyanu does for families, please watch the videos below. I know they will touch your heart the way they touched mine.

Training is not easy, but neither is dealing with illness. If the children of Chaiyanu can fight each day, if they can push themselves to go through hospital stays and treatment, I can do this for them. But I can't do this without your support. I need your help to raise as much money as possible for these kids. So please, push the donate button and help me put smiles on the faces of sick children. Let's do this together! Let's make dreams come true.

Best - Yehudah



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