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Shoshana Batya Nulman

Shoshana Batya Nulman

Chaiyanu is just as it means, “Our Lives”. It is the Israeli branch of Chai-Lifeline organization. It became our family’s lifeline five years ago when in the summer of July-2013, my older brother, Bentzion Yeshai was admitted to the hospital. A week later he was diagnosed with Rhabdomyo Sarcoma alveolar stage 4 cancer.

Hospitals are bad enough to experience, but in summertime, the experience is even worse since most of the volunteers who try to make things more bearable were away at Camp Simcha. There were though two wonderful volunteers who stayed behind to hold down the fort in the hospital. Those two volunteers were my brother’s first experience with Chaiyanu.

I was one of four siblings left at home and suddenly thrust into a whirlwind of illness. The Chaiyanu volunteers who were there for us as well meant the world to us. They were in constant contact with my brother, my parents, and us at home. They knew what we were going through, and they knew exactly what was needed.

My brother was in isolation at home for Sukkos. Our house quickly filled up with volunteers as well as music and dancing for all of us. On Chanuka, it wasn’t my brother alone who received gifts. Chaiyanu made sure to include us as well. We were one big family. After two hard years of battling this terrible illness my brother, Bention Yeshai, returned his soul to his Maker. He was eighteen-years-old. Chaiyanu of course 'was there for us again. Many organizations pop up when there is Chas V' Shalom illness in the family, but soon after they are all gone. Except for Chaiyanu who has never forgotten us. We are still family.

The very first year after Bentzion Yeshai z”l was niftar, Chaiyanu set up “Team Bentzi” to run in the Jerusalem Marathon. All the volunteers and many hospital staff members ran for his team (our team). Now I am old enough to be able to give back to Chaiyanu. I want to run in this year’s Jerusalem Marathon and raise money to send kids to Camp Simcha. That camp experience gave my brother, Bentzion Yeshai z”l, a lot of happiness that he shared with us, his family. Please support me and help me to raise enough money so I may reach my goal for Bentzion Yeshai and for our Chaiyanu family. Thank you in advance.


Best - Shoshana Batya



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1. Millman Family
2. Naftali Kranz
Your brother brought life to the hospital ward reagards to your family
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4. Harvey And Marlene Glaser
5. Loring Family
6. Moshe Nulman
Remembering Bentzi. Kol hakavod to Shoshana Batya. הרבה הצלחה. שתזכי למצוות.
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