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Atara Gherman

Atara Gherman

As most of you know, last year I was sick with cancer.
Being sick was hard for both me and my family. I was constantly in the hospital getting treatments, and my mother was hardly ever home for the kids...that's where Chaiyanu stepped in.
Chaiyanu has become a HUGE part of my life!
They have done so much for me, so my family and I decided that we would run in the Jerusalem marathon and raise money for Chaiyanu.
We had a really big team called team Atara and we raised over $60,000.
This year,B''H, I'm healthy, and to show my appreciation to Chaiyanu for all they have done, I decided to bring Team Atara back!
Since I'm healthy I will be running for the Refuah of my dear friend Rabbi Marchuck, and for two other friends of mine who were recently diagnosed with cancer.
My aim is to raise more money than last year, so that Chaiyanu can bring more smiles to children's faces
All The Best - Atara



raised of $1,800 goal


1. Shana Leah
Good luck Atara !!!!!!! Hope it all goes well!!!! Go team Atara!!!!
2. Ruthie Fliegelman
GO ATARA!!! You Got This! Love You Lots!!!❤️😘❤️

Team Atara

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