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Team Atara

Team Atara

About 6 weeks ago our family began a new journey. Our 16 year old daughter Atara was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma a very traumatic and scary realization. With Hashem's guiding hand He enabled Asher the use of his talents to be already very involved in Chaiyanu over the past 3 years. We never really understood how important Chaiyanu was. Chaiyanu is here for the entire family. When a family goes through a crisis or has a family member that is sick or needs medical treatment the entire family is effected in many different ways. Chaiyanu recognizes all involved young and old, all ages.
We are continuing to see and benefit from what an amazing organization Chaiyanu is.

Since Chaiyanu has already uplifted our family we ALL decided that we would run as a family for Atara’s refuah.
Atara is very excited that we will be running together. We hope that everyone will help us raise our goal so that other families can benefit the same way we have already benefited from this awesome organization.

Through the friendships she has already made in this short span of time and the friendships that have been made for our other children as well, our family can already appreciate the hard work of the Chaiyanu volunteers.Your donation will go a long way and bring smiles to Atara, our family, other children and the families connected to Chaiyanu. Tizku l’mitzvot. Please continue to daven for Atara Tziona bas Shulamit Gila and all cholai yisroel.

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Stay strong you guys! I wish I could be running with you like last year! :)
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