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Rebecca Ringler

Rebecca Ringler

To my dear family and friends,

I’m excited and proud to share that in this year’s Jerusalem Marathon, I’ll be running for Chaiyanu/Chai Lifeline in support of Team Binny!

This organization is dedicated to helping children and their families who are dealing with all kinds of medical hardships. They shower these families with support, care and love. They bring light and happiness to people’s lives at the darkest of times.

Binny Ciment is an amazing, strong kid with a heart of gold, who I’ve known since he was born. For the past five years, he’s been battling a brain tumor, and Chai Lifeline has done so much for him throughout. They were there for him every step of the way, and helped him and his family through struggles that no 13 year old should ever have to face. But because of Chai Lifeline, he and his family didn’t have to face this fight alone. Because of Chai Lifeline, the burden is lightened and Binny, along with so many other kids, also gets to have fun and just be silly, like any kid should.

When you donate, you are helping to put a big smile on a fighting child’s face! As well as their family’s.
I thank you in advance for any contribution, and for your support! It is greatly appreciated.

I’m so glad that together, we’ll be able to help Chai Lifeline continue to make a difference in Binny’s life, and in the lives of so many others like him!



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1. Lisa Josh Ayla Daphna & Tali
Go Rebecca!
2. Leah and Zvi Klein
3. Rebecca Ringler
4. Gadi Gottlieb
Why $182? 3 reasons. 1. $180- is chai. 2. 2 plus the two parents. 3. Exact amount for your goal.
5. Carol And Michael
Wishing you all the best xx
6. Jake & Aliza Litwin
Great job Bex!
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