Running for my father, the Toy Angel, Robbie Schonfeld A"H

Chanie Schonfeld

Unfortunately, the light of Chanukah went out too early this year. The world lost Robbie Shonfeld, the man that devoted his life to helping children with cancer cope with their illness through smiles and laughter.

Robbie was the founder of the Ossie Schonfeld Annual Toy Drive which gave every single child that affiliated with the organization of Chayeinu the toy that they put on their wish list. Every Chanukah, Robbie would fly to Israel and personally visit the children to bring smiles to the faces of the patient as well as their family. The whole family received toys that they would enjoy as they fought the battle that we should never know from.

Robbie was known as the "Toy Angel" to everyone involved in Chayeinu and the people who helped carry out the operation each year. Unfortunately, Robbie is no longer with us to be that "toy angel" that he's been to the children for so many years. Robbie's shoes are a very hard pair of shoes to fill but we chose to do our part by running this marathon in his memory. We're hoping that if you guys do what you can do, and we do what we can do, than together we can keep Robbie's legacy going and continue to help the organization of Chayeinu continue helping and giving children in Israel everything they need to fight the battle with a smile.

Every donation counts. If we all do whatever we can each do individually, we can help what Robbie started and continue to impact the people that rely on his help. Whether it's joining the team or making a donation, every bit helps.

Tizku Lemitzvot.

Team Toy Angels - in memory of Robbie Shonfeld.



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1. Daphna Family
Dearest Chanie- We are running right besides you. Your dear father is so proud of you as he looks down from Shamayim. May he be the important advocate for Yeshauos and Refuahs for Klal Yisroel.
2. Matthew Fuerst
3. Frumit schonfeld
go chanie go!! love you! ;)
4. Tobah and Shea Farkas
5. Rachel Blumenfeld
6. Chaya Cohen
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